Agent’s story:

Lara Watkins

321 Domestic Services (Windlesham)

What did you do before starting your business?

I was a trainee estate agent, working for an estate agent in Woking, travelling costs were quite high.


Why did you decide to start a domestic services work from home business?

I wanted to find work which fitted in around my daughter whom is 3 years old so this seemed the ideal business, I could drop her off at nursery school, work for a few hours and then pick her up and devote time to her, but also could collect ironing with my daughter in the car. I have saved on my childcare fees considerably.


Why did you choose 321 Solutions?

The backup support was reassuring to have behind me as I had no business experience with regards to doing my own tax and NIC.

 How did 321 Solutions help you get started?

My local mentor Charlotte came to help me for the first few days and was only a phonecall away after that. She would always be there to help me if I needed her.

What do you like about your 321 Solutions business?

I can run it from anywhere. Flexibility with my childcare and more time with my family. Less stress. Job Satisfaction.


Would you recommend a 321 Solutions Agency to a friend/colleague … and why?


It is hard work even though it is flexible, you must be prepared to fit in with your clients at all hours of the day, but apart from that there are no hazards that I see. I delegate collections and deliveries when I am on holiday.

Have you got a business plan for your future with 321 Solutions home based business?

My mentor and I have developed a plan for me to begin expanding into laundry services, into sewing repairs, decorating and cleaning services for landlords. As these are all one off services I am not tied into contracts of any kind so I remain flexible for my family committments.

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